Adam Cook Announces Candidacy for Congress

Fredericksburg, VA: Today, Adam Cook (Major, USAFR) announced he is running for Congress in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District. Adam recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan serving as a JAG officer in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Adam intends to bring his experience as an Air Force officer to Congress to help find creative solutions to revitalize the economy and create jobs in Virginia.

“Congress has repeatedly failed to live up to its basic responsibilities. Too many of our representatives in Congress are more focused on partisan gamesmanship and protecting their special interest donors than creating jobs and strengthening the middle class.”

During his six years on active duty, Adam served as a military prosecutor and defense counsel at Maxwell Air Force Base, AL; Kunsan Air Base, South Korea; and Bolling Air Force Base, DC. In 2009, Adam transferred from Active Duty to the Air Force Reserve while accepting a position in the Social Security Administration’s Office of the General Counsel, where he worked on civil rights and equal access issues concerning Social Security beneficiaries.

In early 2011, Adam volunteered to deploy to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. In Afghanistan, Adam served as the Officer in Charge of Investigations and Chief Legal Advisor at the Detention Facility in Parwan, the central detention facility for insurgent fighters captured in Afghanistan. During his deployment, Adam led a team of intelligence analysts and Army CID investigators tasked with investigating each of the almost 3,000 Al Qaeda, Taliban and Haqqani network fighters detained at the facility.

“I have had the honor to serve my country both at home and overseas.  I want to take the lessons that I have learned working in difficult environments and apply them to helping to get Virginia back on track. I won’t stand by while special interests in Washington dictate an agenda for America that is geared towards benefiting our biggest corporations and wealthiest citizens at the expense of the middle class.”