Adam Cook calls on Rob Wittman to come clean on cuts to Veterans

March 28, 2012


Adam Cook calls on Rob Wittman to come clean on cuts to Veterans

Adam Cook calls for Congressman Wittman to finally answer questions about cuts to The Department of Veterans Affairs.


Fredericksburg, VA:  Today Major Adam Cook (USAFR), Democratic Congressional Candidate in Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, and recently returned Afghan War Veteran, called on incumbent Republican Congressman Rob Wittman to answer his own question posed on his twitter account[1], “[T]he House Budget Committee unveiled the 2013 budget proposal - what are your thoughts?”


“What are your thoughts, Congressman?” asked Cook.  “We have a huge veteran and active duty military population in Virginia’s 1st District, and they deserve to know if you’re going to vote to cut $11,000,000,000 veterans’ benefits.  You turned your back on veterans when you voted against the 21st Century GI Bill, but it’s not too late to stand up to your party’s leadership and vote to keep faith with America’s veterans and against this budget.”


Congressman Wittman voted for the first Ryan Budget[2], an attempt by the radical wing of the Republican Party to dismantle Medicare and increase the cost of healthcare for Seniors by $6,000 per year[3].  Now, in addition to Medicare, Republicans are trying to gut the VA to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires on the backs of America’s veterans.


Adam Cook has pledged to protect Department of Veterans Affairs funding because he knows what it means to serve and knows that our promises to those who have sacrificed so much to keep us safe must be kept.


[2] House Concurrent Resolution 34, April 15, 2011